Three Things to Look for in a Good Moisturizer

choosing-a-moisturizerWhen you choose a facial moisturizer, you are really looking for a product that can do multiple tasks at one time. At the top of the list are sun protection, moisture management, and protection from free radicals. Ideally one lotion or cream should be able to do it all, but you can layer products if necessary.

  1. Sun protection. The sun is crucial for life (and for vitamin D production) but it can also be your skin’s worst enemy, according to the skincare and beauty researchers at Adore Cosmetics. Sun exposure not only leads to wrinkles and “age spots,” but also contributes to potentially deadly skin cancer. Check the label of any facial moisturizer for an SPF (sun protection factor) of at least 30 for daytime wear. Be sure you are getting broad-spectrum protection from both UVA and UBV rays. Commonly available and naturally sourced sun-protective ingredients include zinc oxide and titanium dioxide. These ingredients may leave a white cast to your skin, so choose a thin formulation that can be easily absorbed over a heavier cream.
  1. A moisturizing/humectant combination. Dry skin will look older than supple skin, and will also feel tight and possibly even itchy or irritated. Moisturizing ingredients will help to prevent the skin from losing its all-important existing moisture. These include plant oils, mineral oils, shea butter, cocoa butter, petrolatum, silicones and animal oils (like lanolin). Humectants attract additional external water to the skin; look for sorbitol, glycols, glycerin and sodium PCA, to do this job.
  1. Antioxidant power. Found in fruits, vegetables, and other naturally occurring substances, antioxidants are indispensable for preventing some of the damage that is done, daily, by unavoidable free radicals. Tocopherol (vitamin E), lycopene (a carotenoid found in red produce), green tea, coffee berry, resveratrol (from grapes), grape seed, genistein (from soy), niacinamide (vitamin B3), and l-ascorbic acid (vitamin C) are all powerful antioxidants used in skincare products. Often, antioxidants are used in combination.

Adore Organic Innovation understands the ingredients that makes great moisturizers because of its constant research and development to create deeply hydrating products that thoroughly nourish the skin while revitalizing it.

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3 Secrets and coconut oil and skin care

Coconut oil is a staple of mine to make my skin feel soft and smooth every morning and evening. As I was lathering it on again this morning I thought to myself, “What other ways can this be used to improve your skin”?  After a little research this is what I came up with:


  1. Remove Makeup – Instead of selecting a commercial makeup remover that uses harsh chemicals, give a try to coconut oil. Just a few dabs of this oil can remove makeup from your face, making you wander why this hasn’t been your daily routine since you were a teenager.
  2. Reduce Puffy Eyes – Another It can help you get rid of the dark circles, puffiness and baggage that have been hampering your entire look. The oil works best if you apply it at night and massage it lightly under your eyes for about 45-60 seconds under each eye.
  3. Replace your Shaving Cream – Applying this oil before shaving will make your razor glide and also moisturize your skin in the process. Doesn’t just work for ladies, men can do this to your face before shaving for similar results.

Why is coconut oil so amazing?

  • It penetrates quickly into the skin & rejuvenates.
  • It includes fatty acids & vitamins that are essential to the growth of healthy skin cells.
  • The lactic acid in it tightens pores to make skin smooth, radiant, & firm.
  • The vitamin E and other anti-oxidants in it heal and repair damaged skin cells.
  • It is anti-inflammatory, so it reduces redness and swelling.

I plan on going through this last container of coconut oil more quickly now that I know some quick tips to quickly keep improving my overall health with this amazing ingredient.
Adore Cosmetics sells skincare products harvested from organic plants. Using stem cells from these plants, Adore Organic Innovation helps the skin self renew. For more information, follow Adore Cosmetics on Twitter.

Best hair styles for the workplace

Hairdresser cutting woman bangs hair in shop. Beauty salon. Hand with two fingers up in the peace or victory symbol the sign for V. Hair. Brunette girl with long and shiny wavy hair.; Shutterstock ID 550746529; Job: RD

If you are a professional woman, then you must know the importance of maintaining your appearance. A good and chic hairstyle could be just the thing which you are looking for. Danie’s Beauty Salon has compiled a number of fabulous hairstyles for you that will make you look elegant at your workplace.

Sleek Long Bob with Curves and Side-Swept Bang:

Bob is the popular professional haircuts for women. A long straight bob with slightly bent edges and a deep side-swept bang covering a certain part of the forehead will make you look great.

Simple And Elegant Twisted Topknot:

A topknot not only gives a neat and tidy look, but it also appears quite elegant which are important for a professional appearance.

Wavy Layered Bob With Curly Side Bang:

You can create wavs in your layered bob and get them curved outwards.

Low Twisted Chignon With Neat Side Sweep:

Chignon can totally enhance your corporate look. You just need to side-sweep your hair and turn it into a low twisted chignon at the nape of your neck.

Sleek and Smooth High Bun With Side Sweep:

High bun symbolizes confidence and smartness. The smooth rounded high bun with a precise side sweep is perfect for your workplace.

Straight And Middle-Parted Side Ponytail:

If you have straight hair, this sleek and low side ponytail can turn out to be your signature style. The flat top and the center part make this appropriate for a corporate look.

Loose Straight Layers With Side Bangs:

When it comes to workplace hairstyles, long loose layers are always considered to be great hairstyle for the workplace.

Sleek Face-Contouring Bob With Side Bang:

Let the side bang swing over your eye and keep the other side of the hair tucked behind the ear. This will make you look charming at your workplace.

Simple Hairdo With Curly Ends And Side Bang:

Just take a small portion of your top hair and secure it at your crown. Let a wavy side bang embrace one side of your face. The rest of the hair should just flow down your shoulders.

Front Side Bun:

A front side bun can also spice up your corporate look in a stylish way. Make a flat bun at one side of the top of your head.

Professional women don’t have much time to indulge in hairstyling before leaving for work every day. These great hairstyles will help them not only look good but also boost their confidence until the next visit to a Beauty Salon in Glendale, CA.


6 Secrets for Using Bronzer

bronzer-makeup-tipsDo you want to get the realest fake tan ever? You’re lucky enough to know that this beauty can be achieved by using a bronzer. Many social media stars and makeup gurus have made it seem like it’s easy to get that bronzed goddess look. But for us regular folks without a squadron of makeup artists at our disposal, applying bronzer correctly can be quite a challenge—and with bad results becoming pretty obvious, pretty quickly. That said, with the right know-how you can get the full potential out of any bronzer to get that deep, burnished beauty.

#1 Tone up

In order to achieve the most natural-looking glow, you need to learn what textures and shades work best with your complexion. If you have a fair, pink undertone, look for the neutrals. You surely don’t want to add to the tone that you already have, but don’t make too brown or you’ll end up looking orange. If you have an olive complexion, you should go for peach-gold bronzers to warm up your skin. If you have a darker skin tone, pick chocolate or hazelnut shades in order to avoid looking too brown or muddy.

#2 Match Types

If you are dealing with flakiness or breakouts, pass on the shimmery or creamy beauty formulas, since these will only put your troubled skin under the magnifying glass, causing more damage to your skin. If you are prone to skin dryness, you can use the soft shimmers in order to add luminosity to your parched skin.

#3 Use the Right Brushes

Use a big, round, fluffy brush when applying powders. Creams and liquids can leave harsh lines on your skin, so you should go for the stippling flat-top brush. This kind of brush can completely buff the cream so it does not look like it is sitting on top of your skin. To use beauty bronzer as contour on the darker skin, use an angled brush and apply the color under your cheekbones.

#4 Map It out

For a vacation-equivalent glow, apply the bronzer where the sun naturally hits your face. This would be in the higher areas, such as the corner of your forehead, your cheeks and a little on your nose. You might even want putting a little above the eye, but on the crease. When applying bronzer, first dust your cheekbones and do not double dip for the remaining area of your face; simply use what is left on the brush. If you are freckled, follow the speckles. That is where sun goes and they are like a small map.

#5 Follow the Curve

For a foolproof beauty application, start at the apples of your cheeks then apply your bronzer in outward curve up to forehead along your hairline, and back down the curve then out again, passing over the hollow of cheeks and under your jawline.

#6 Never Forget Your Neck

Use the last bits of the bronzer on your brush in order to warm up your collarbone and neck. The color of your neck should match your chest and face. Your chest and face receive a lot from sun naturally, but your neck is hidden so it must be in lighter color.

Adore Cosmetics develops skin care products incorporating a number of proven natural ingredients, including Vitamin C, organic fruits and gold particles, to help skin look younger, slough the signs of aging and recapture a healthy, youthful glow.

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Getting Polished for New York Fashion Week

Written by Kaki West

The web is bursting with reviews and images from New York Fashion Week, one of the most anticipated fashion events of the year. I had a great time this year, as always. I was especially excited about my dear friend’s runway show, a talented designer named Michael Costello. His show was just perfect, unveiling a collection of some of the most beautiful and elegant gowns I’ve seen. The Kaki West images below are of me at his Spring 2015 runway show, seated right next to my best friend and makeup guru Tay Rivera.

Kaki West is an international cover model and host. Visit her blog to learn more and see the latest Kaki West pics.

kaki-west-nyc-fashion kaki-west-nyc-fashion-week kaki-west-pics-nyc

Boost Your Beauty Routine with Bio Oil

Kaki WestWritten by Kaki West

Most of us know Bio-Oil as the stretch-mark potion. It’s also touted to reduce the appearance of scars and improve uneven skin tones. But if you thought you knew everything there was to know about Bio-Oil, think again! Here are two ways to boost your beauty routine using this vitamin-enriched product.

Moisturize dehydrated skin. As a model who is always on the go (See Kaki West Pics), it’s hard to keep my skin hydrated and healthy without the use of some great products like Bio-Oil. I use this light and non-greasy oil in the shower to moisturize and hydrate my entire body. It’s also great for extra-dry areas such as elbows, knees, and the soles of your feet. You can also use it at night as a deep moisturizer.

Tame frizzy hair. Having a frizzy hair day? It happens to the best of us, especially on hot and humid days. If you’ve run out of your favorite hair gel or serum, break out the Bio-Oil. While it’s designed for various skin conditions, Bio-Oil works wonders on your hair by taming frizz, calming fly-aways, and moisturizing dry ends. The result is healthy, smooth, shiny hair.

Kaki West is a model, actress, and television host who lives in New York City. To get more beauty tips or to see the latest Kaki West images, visit her blog now.

The Importance of Having the Right Spa Furniture

Written by Comfort Soul

Do you run a spa or salon? If so, chances are you spend a lot of your overhead trying to secure the professional talent that will make your customers feel most at ease and help them relax.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Without the right talent, your spa or salon won’t get far.  But it’s also important you focus on the massage tables and chairs you expect people to sit in when they receive these treatments. Fortunately, you can go to the Comfort Soul website and find a wide variety of these to meet all your needs.

Tables, for example, should be wide enough that most people can comfortably fit their entire body on them and short enough that they can get on them with ease. However, your masseuses also need to be able to negotiate them easily as well so they can apply their craft.

If you have a masseuse who is especially small, they may need to use a stool or other item to step on in order to reach all areas of their client. But if you can supply this, so much the better.

While a lot goes into running a successful spa or salon, keep in mind it’s not all about the service. The furniture plays an important part too. ______________________________________________________________________

If you’re in the business of relaxing or pampering others, you need to visit Comfort Soul’s website. Whether you just need a spa massage table or your entire collection of salon spa furniture revamped, they have what you’re looking for. As many massage tables as you need can be yours in no time!

Purchasing Your Own Massage Bed or Table

Written by Comfort Soul

If you want to start enjoying a higher quality of life, get massaged more often. It’s a surefire way to chase off just about form of the blues you have. But most people don’t realize it can have very real and very positive effects on your physical wellbeing too—not just in the short term. In fact, getting massaged regularly can be such a stress-reducer that your face will actually show the results.

One way you might consider making massages a bigger part of your everyday life is by purchasing your own massage bed or table. For the most part, massage beds and massage tables are exactly the same thing. However, amongst this market, there are countless options.

First, before purchasing one, you’ll want to be sure you have a spouse or friend who’s around regularly who will actually give you one. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money.

Second, you’ll want to make sure the table/bed’s height is appropriate for whoever will be giving the massages regularly. Too tall or too short can actually be bad for the practitioner’s back. If at all possible, get one that adjusts.

Lastly, consider your budget. If you’re just purchasing your first one, you’ll find that there’s no limit to what you can spend. So be sure to budget yourself this first time around.

Comfort Soul is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in selling the highest quality spa equipment like salon and spa equipment including procedure chair and massage chair options.

Spray Tanning Tips for the Everywoman

The sun is good for you, but some of us burn! Sure, Vitamin D is important for anyone, but too much can damage your skin seriously. A spray tan helps you get the glow you’re looking for without risking damage to your skin. Spray tanning supplies have been popular since the 60s, where women realized they could get the same healthy glow as outdoor tanners without the health risks. If you’re trying to pull off the bronzed-goddess look, read on for tips to help.


You pretty much get what you pay for. The home tanning solutions are often difficult to apply by ones self, and tanning booths can run the risk of turning you orange. In general, the quality of the tan is going to depend on the products that the manufacturer uses. That’s why a cheap spray tan may be more of a hindrance than a help. Be wary of bottom dollar specials, unless the tanning booth comes highly recommended by someone you know personally.

Equipment is a dead giveaway. Companies sometimes use a clear tanning spray administered in a spray tan tent, which is far better for your skin tone than the orange-glow look.


Try to resist the urge to go to the salon with makeup on. You’ll be asked to remove it, and the pads may be abrasive to your skin. If you can, try to exfoliate before you get to the tanners. Be sure to shave and use a moisturizing lotion on your skin beforehand. You will be asked to apply some lotions at the tanner, but these are for blocking the tanning solution from coloring parts that you don’t want. Avoid shaving and exfoliating while the tan is on and the effect will usually last longer.

Things to Avoid

The tanning chemicals typically take time to set on your skin. As a result, you want to avoid things like rainfall. Bring an umbrella if you expect rain and that will cut down the chances of the chemicals spotting on your skin. Also, avoid working out until the chemicals have set on your skin. It’s a good idea to postpone your workout by a day if you can, but by several hours if you absolutely must hit the gym.


Avoid wearing white at all costs. Even though most tanning booths tell you that the chemicals won’t rub off on clothes, you probably don’t want to take the chance. It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing purses that sling over your shoulder, as you might get a line where the purse pressed against your flesh.


Artesian Tan offers an organic airbrush tanning solution for individuals and tanning salons, with daily deals online.

Considering the Equipment for Your Spa

Deciding to start a spa can be an exciting time in your life. Sure there’s a lot of work to do, but there will be a big reward waiting for you when it’s all said and done. You’ll still want to get started as soon as possible though, so let’s do that now by considering the equipment you’ll need.

For the most part the equipment in a spa is simply the tables and chairs clients sit in while your staff performs their trade. But these aren’t normal chairs and tables, of course. You’ll want specially made facial tables, for example, that will be both durable and comfortable. Your practitioners will only be able to do as well a job as your equipment allows them.

Massage chairs are another popular item you should include in your spa. While many people enjoy lying down on a massage table to get worked on, there are other times when a massage chair is what is necessary.

These two elements will cover most of your bases, but there other options to consider too. For example, will you be giving pedicures and manicures? If so, you’ll need special equipment for those too.

When it comes to buying all the equipment you need for your spa, it’s a good idea to start slow. Buy little by little as revenue comes in so you don’t find yourself in too much debt.


Article submitted by Comfort Soul.  The company sells all kinds of salon furniture for your business to use.