Common Mistakes Contact Lens Users Make

Summary: Many contact lens users make simple mistakes that can lead to severe infections and irritation.

Contact lenses have now become so comfortable that it’s difficult to remember that they’re even on. In certain cases, people will leave their contact lenses on throughout the day, and night, which puts them at risk for an eye infection or discomfort that can lead to consistent rubbing and scratching.

This article is designed to discuss the most common mistakes that contact lens users often make that could potentially lead to an infection. These mistakes can lead to lingering problems that can affect the overall effectiveness of the lens and may cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Touching Your Contacts Without Washing Your Hands

Whenever you touch food or perform in any activity that could get your hands dirty, it’s extremely important that you wash them before touching your eyes. Your hands are often utilized throughout the day that it shouldn’t be surprising that dirt and bacteria can accumulate rather quickly. And, when exposed to the eyes, it can build up and cause a severe infection.

Forgetting to Remove Them at Night

As stated before, contact lenses are so comfortable that they will fit into the eye. Many users forget that they are wearing them and when night comes around, they leave them on. This can be harmful in a number of ways. For one, your contact lenses are not designed to be justify on overnight. Since these contact lenses are directly touching the inside of your eye, they can dry out quickly and cause irritation.

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Top Mistakes Contact Users Make When Handling Their Lenses

Summary: Contact lenses, if improperly handled, can cause a number of concerning health issues. Here are the top mistakes that contact users make when wearing these lenses.

Today’s contact lenses are designed to fit and feel comfortable within the eye. So much so that people often forget that they’re even in their eyes. In certain cases, people will leave them on day-in and day-out, which puts them at greater risk of garnering an infection due to harboring bacteria.

This guide is intended to talk about some of the common mistakes contact lens wearers make that could be detrimental to their health. These mistakes often have lingering problems that can affect the lens’ overall effectiveness and even cause damage to the eyes.

Failing to Wash Your Hands While Handling the Lens

In cases where you’re handling food, you’re likely mindful about washing them and keeping them clean. Your hands are utilized so often throughout the day that it should come as no surprise that bacteria and dirt can easily accumulate.

Many contact wearers fail to wash their hands, or don’t wash them enough, before handling their contacts, increasing the chances of an infection. Before putting in or taking out your contact lenses, it is always important to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water. Enough exposure to bacteria can cause an infection and may require medical attention.

Not Taking Them Out Overnight

Some contact lenses are so comfortable that they fit seamlessly into the eye. Many users even forget that they are wearing them. The comfort that these contacts provide can often lead to people wearing them overnight. This is harmful in a number of ways. For one, your contact lenses are not designed for overnight use. Since the lenses are making direct contact with the eyes, they can dry out relatively easily and cause severe irritation.

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Makeup Habits that Contact Wearers Should Avoid

If you are an avid makeup user, you might have picked up certain habits. Makeup can make features more prominent and can hide blemishes but if you aren’t careful with what you purchase and how you apply your makeup, you can end up causing an infection in your eye. Here are some makeup practices you should follow to avoid damaging your eye or contracting an infection, especially when you wear a contact lens.

You Get What You Pay For

When you purchase makeup, you’ll likely sort through a number of different brands and products. Whether you’re on a budget, or just like the style, you may opt for a cheaper brand to save a few bucks. However, the problem with some of these cheaper makeup brands is that they use less-than-stellar ingredients within the formula. These inexpensive products might anti-caking ingredients or preservatives that can have an adverse effect if they come into contact with the eye.

Be sure to research the different ingredients and brands in order to decide if the makeup product is safe to use and if it’s worth it. Protecting your vision involves due diligence and enough research.

Avoid the Rush

Have you been in a scenario where you are forced to put on your makeup quickly because you’re either late for work or you just don’t have time? Trying to put on eyeliner or mascara at a red light or at a stop sign isn’t just risky, it’s extremely dangerous. Without stating the obvious, not onl

y can you get that pesky makeup in your eyes, but you also face the risk of injuring others by not paying attention to the road.

Are You Eligible to Get Liposuction?

Article by Dr. Jan Zemplenyi

If you’re considering liposuction, it’s likely because you’re plagued by the amount of fat on your body. Whether you’re feeling self-conscious or embarrassed, it’s important that you understand that liposuction is a process that should be carefully considered. Now, maybe you want to look your best, and have decided to treat yourself. The liposuction process is a drastic procedure that’s best to go about if you’re healthy. But first, you need to ensure that you’re a candidate.

What You Need to Know

Now that you’ve decided to opt for liposuction, you’ll need to understand whether you’re a candidate or not. If you are healthy and in good physical condition – without any cellulite or surface waviness – then chances are you’re a good candidate. If you don’t fit this ideal model however, don’t worry as you may still be able to get liposuction and achieve positive results.

Now, there are several dramatic changes through the liposuction process. If you have significantly large thighs but have an otherwise normal shape, you’re a good candidate for liposuction. Remember, these areas actually respond extremely well to the procedure and are easy for doctors to work with.

The Downside to Liposuction

Coming into the liposuction procedure, you have to understand that it’s not a cure-all remedy. It can’t, and won’t, help with generalized obesity, excess loose skin or abdominal fat. Many patients come into the process think that the liposuction process can help with the aforementioned factors but find out that the excess fat is within the abdomen and wrapped around the intestines. Liposuction won’t help you in this case.

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