Deciding to start a spa can be an exciting time in your life. Sure there’s a lot of work to do, but there will be a big reward waiting for you when it’s all said and done. You’ll still want to get started as soon as possible though, so let’s do that now by considering the equipment you’ll need.

For the most part the equipment in a spa is simply the tables and chairs clients sit in while your staff performs their trade. But these aren’t normal chairs and tables, of course. You’ll want specially made facial tables, for example, that will be both durable and comfortable. Your practitioners will only be able to do as well a job as your equipment allows them.

Massage chairs are another popular item you should include in your spa. While many people enjoy lying down on a massage table to get worked on, there are other times when a massage chair is what is necessary.

These two elements will cover most of your bases, but there other options to consider too. For example, will you be giving pedicures and manicures? If so, you’ll need special equipment for those too.

When it comes to buying all the equipment you need for your spa, it’s a good idea to start slow. Buy little by little as revenue comes in so you don’t find yourself in too much debt.


Article submitted by Comfort Soul.  The company sells all kinds of salon furniture for your business to use.