The sun is good for you, but some of us burn! Sure, Vitamin D is important for anyone, but too much can damage your skin seriously. A spray tan helps you get the glow you’re looking for without risking damage to your skin. Spray tanning supplies have been popular since the 60s, where women realized they could get the same healthy glow as outdoor tanners without the health risks. If you’re trying to pull off the bronzed-goddess look, read on for tips to help.


You pretty much get what you pay for. The home tanning solutions are often difficult to apply by ones self, and tanning booths can run the risk of turning you orange. In general, the quality of the tan is going to depend on the products that the manufacturer uses. That’s why a cheap spray tan may be more of a hindrance than a help. Be wary of bottom dollar specials, unless the tanning booth comes highly recommended by someone you know personally.

Equipment is a dead giveaway. Companies sometimes use a clear tanning spray administered in a spray tan tent, which is far better for your skin tone than the orange-glow look.


Try to resist the urge to go to the salon with makeup on. You’ll be asked to remove it, and the pads may be abrasive to your skin. If you can, try to exfoliate before you get to the tanners. Be sure to shave and use a moisturizing lotion on your skin beforehand. You will be asked to apply some lotions at the tanner, but these are for blocking the tanning solution from coloring parts that you don’t want. Avoid shaving and exfoliating while the tan is on and the effect will usually last longer.

Things to Avoid

The tanning chemicals typically take time to set on your skin. As a result, you want to avoid things like rainfall. Bring an umbrella if you expect rain and that will cut down the chances of the chemicals spotting on your skin. Also, avoid working out until the chemicals have set on your skin. It’s a good idea to postpone your workout by a day if you can, but by several hours if you absolutely must hit the gym.


Avoid wearing white at all costs. Even though most tanning booths tell you that the chemicals won’t rub off on clothes, you probably don’t want to take the chance. It’s also a good idea to avoid wearing purses that sling over your shoulder, as you might get a line where the purse pressed against your flesh.


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