It’s getting close to Valentine’s day, and that puts us deep in the heart of winter. Costume jewelry is coming back into fashion, with big and showy pieces playing front and center to intimate gatherings. For a night out on the town, there are several opportunities both conservative and stylish to celebrate the end of winter. Read on for more 2014 fashion trends.

Clutch Purse

These small evening bags go perfectly well with just about any outfit. They can come with trim and accents, even patterns. They are relatively inexpensive accents available in a wide variety of colors and styles.


Flashy pieces draw attention to the neck line, and with 14k CZ jewelry, they are the perfect costume pieces. Look for bigger pendants, pearls, and flowing necklaces. For the tech-inclined folk, try looping a pair of studio headphones from Beats by Dre around your neck and sport a pair of stunner shades.


Earrings, especially studs, are always a great compliment to any outfit. If you can stand to ditch the ear muffs, sport a pair of golden studs and pull your hair back to let everyone have a look. You can even find gold and white-gold earrings at just about any price point if you shop around. Treat yourself this Valentine’s day and buy something new to impress that special someone.


Are you expecting a ring this Valentine’s day? If not, we suggest costume jewelry to go with your outfit. You can find a solid platinum fake diamond ring that will gleam just like the real thing. Throw on your favorite formal dress, give your hair some TLC and hit the town with some friends.


Every great clutch purse needs a bracelet to compliment. These wrist accents can be a subtle addition to your outfit, or the stunning centerpiece to an intimate conversation. You might find yourself locking hands a bit more when you have a stunning gold or platinum piece adorning your wrist. You can even get those vintage jewelry pieces cleaned and try a whole new look for the night.

Final Thoughts

The handmade look is really in, and the emphasis is on showy pieces rather than the subtle statement. There are a number of handmade jewelry outlets online where you can get custom pieces for that particular outfit too. Plan ahead and check your favorite websites for deals.


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