Designer Shops in Paris

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In recent times, many vacations have been shifting in purpose, from seeing all the famous torist attractions and historical landmarks, to a more capitalistic purpose such as shopping. There is nothing wrong with that as people have been becoming more money smart given the increase in the price of almost everything we need to buy. It is a fact of life today that some things are just cheaper abroad or that there are just some things that are only found in certain countries.

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This is why maybe half of the vacations we plan and take are vacations to places that are great places to shop for things like electronics and clothing. One great vacation that combines both shopping and sightseeing are France vacations. Travel to France to find the best buys when it comes to designer clothing. With many fashion designers based in one of the top fashion capital in the continent, you will be sure to find the latest and hottest outfits.

Travel to France and find the the best designers based in several cities but the most in Paris. Paris is home to several shopping districts, but if you are looking for the crème de la crème in designer fashion you need to book a flight then hop in a cab so you can visit Louvre-Tuileries and Faubourg Saint-Honore. You can find all the great a famous brands like Versace, Hermes, and the line of the late great Yves Saint Laurent.

Budget Wedding Ideas

Written by: Fancy That Jewelry Design

As couples marry later on in life, they are also facing more debt. This has caused a shift toward the budget wedding, where couples make small concessions to have a beautiful wedding. Too often, people are sold the idea of “the perfect day” where nothing can go wrong and everything is romance. The reality is that even people with the money to pay for a perfect day don’t often get it. There is always something to deal with. These tips are designed not to help you craft the perfect day, but to help you plan an amazing one.

Engagement Ring

You can save some money up front by purchasing a white gold cubic zirconia ring online. There are a number of settings available online, some with real diamonds embedded within. Browse with your fiancé and explore your options, then hit a jewelry store to try things on. Order when you’re ready. The advantage to buying CZ is that it will fit any setting a diamond will fit, it’s perfectly clear, and you can find them in many colors and shades.

 photo Engagement Ring_zpsqbn4qfth.jpgVenue

You can save a ton of money on the venue by holding it at the home of someone close to you. If you can’t do that, speak with nearby parks to see if they will let you hold an outdoor wedding. During winter, try shopping around your local halls for the best deal. One key piece of advice: avoid the word “wedding.” Let the planner know you are hosting a family gathering, and you need a hall for the location.


You can hire a food truck for a day for less than the costs commonly associated with catering. There are a number of cheap options for food and catering, but you have to watch out for the hidden fees. Some venues will charge you to cater an event without their preferred catering company. Others may charge you to serve alcohol, or require you to use their wait staff. This ties into the venue, so choose your venue and your caterer wisely if you want to save money.


A lot of brides like to outfit their bridesemaids and close family members with jewelry. CZ jewelry sets can be a good way to outfit everyone without spending too much. You can usually have a custom piece made for well below the cost of a diamond piece, and you can duplicate them as needed. Imagine each one of your bridesmaids wearing a beautiful pendant.

The perfect beads and crystals to go with your jewelry making

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Making jewelry is not as easy as it sounds. You have to come up with patterns, designs, and an overall concept that will define the collection of jewelry you’re making. If you’re working with beads, crystals, and string in creating your accessories, you are going to need a wide selection of materials to choose from so you won’t be constricting your creativity. You can create a host of items such as necklaces, bibs, bracelets, bangles, earrings, rings, and many more to choose from. The perfect beading when it comes to jewelry are gold filled, seed beads, gemstones, rhinestones, and Swarovski crystals. These are items that will make your jewelry look attractive because it adds luster. These are what draws the attention, and these also emphasize and define the jewelry you’re making.

Use these as you see fit, there is no such thing as too little or too much when it comes to jewelry making. Just stick to your design and find what’s right for you. Swarovski crystals have always been a favorite among jewelry makers since it has that same sparkle as diamonds have, but costs so much less. As a matter of fact, it would even be hard to tell the difference if you don’t have an eye for jewelry. The type of beds and crystals you use in making jewelry will determine how much they will stand out and whether or not it will be attractive to potential buyers. Experiment on what goes well with your design until you find the perfect combination.

Too Cute Beads is an online store that has everything you need when it comes to supplies for jewelry making. They offer products such as Swarovski Crystal Beads, pendants, metal beads, string, and everything else you need to create your masterpiece.

Improve Your Style with Vintage Jewellery

Written by Cynthia Findlay Antiques

Do you need a style makeover? Many of us do. From time to time it’s healthy to reevaluate our style and make a few changes for the better. Whether it is a new hairstyle, new clothes, or a complete makeover, enhancing our style is an easy way to improve self-confidence and mood.

Updated your look doesn’t have to be hard. Another easy way to improve your style is to purchase vintage jewellery. At Cynthia Findlay Antiques, we’ve seen many customers instantly upgrade their look with unique vintage and antique jewellery. Here’s why:

Provides Glamour

Who doesn’t want instant glamour? A beautiful vintage ring or set of earrings is usually the centerpiece of an outfit, the first thing people notice when they see you. Because it is rare and old, vintage jewellery provides instant glamour to your look. Many statement pieces can instantly dress up a simple black dress for a look that is timeless and beautiful. Make sure to only wear your prized possessions to formal engagements, otherwise you will look too fancy.

It Reveals Discerning Taste

Not everyone appreciates the fine things in life, but people who wear vintage jewellery such as Art Deco rings do. Whether you become a collector or purchase a few pieces, owning vintage jewellery reveals a lot about your character. It reveals that you have fine taste and appreciate high-quality products. It reveals that you’re willing to spend your time and money on a good-quality piece instead of many cheap pieces.

Cynthia Findlay Antiques is a vintage and estate jewellery retailer located in Toronto, Canada. Visit the website to see the latest vintage rings and other jewellery.

Practical Choices for Your Wedding

The expenses behind all of the things you need to run a wedding can add up quickly. Aside from the actual event planning, there is the engagement and wedding rings on top of insurance and catering fees as well. These practical tips are designed with the budget conscious couple in mind, helping you to have the beautiful day you want without breaking the bank.

The Wedding Industry

The industry that we know as the wedding industry got its start in the roaring 1920s. Weddings were usually held out of the home, or consisted of a simple church affair prior to then. Soon, more money was spent to formalize the event and make it memorable.

There can be a lot to handle throughout the special day, so the industry tries to sell the idea of helping out soon-to-be brides. That help comes at a high cost, as does anything else with the word “wedding” attached to it.

High Costs

A wedding that cost $4,000 in 1970 or 1980 could cost 10 or 20 times that amount today. Renting a church was once considered a negligible expense, and often came with a choir or an organist. Today, renting a church can be a real cost associated with the wedding, taking up as much as 5% of one’s budget. The cost of a wedding ring has also risen over the years, but a cubic zirconia bridal ring can be a reasonably priced alternative.

The solution is to avoid the word “wedding” like a stigma. You do not need food for a wedding, you need it for a family gathering. You don’t need to rent the venue for a wedding, you’re hosting a large get together. Simply changing how you talk to a vendor will remove the implied sense of urgency you’re supposed to feel when booking the venue.

Where to Spend

Of course, there are still areas where you should spend money to get the wedding you want. For instance, buying a cubic zirconia eternity ring will help you save money for a better band at your wedding. Shop around for catering companies, and be careful about choosing who bakes your cake and what you’re charged for. You should not pay any “per slice” fees associated with baking a cake.

As for liquor, a simple beer and wine bar will often suffice.

Final Thoughts

Saving money on a wedding is tough to do because there is immense pressure to make the event memorable, like you are somehow sullying the moment if you skimp on the price tag. Don’t give in to these pressures. Remember your future goals while you plan the wedding you want.
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The Importance of Having the Right Spa Furniture

Written by Comfort Soul

Do you run a spa or salon? If so, chances are you spend a lot of your overhead trying to secure the professional talent that will make your customers feel most at ease and help them relax.

There’s nothing wrong with that, of course. Without the right talent, your spa or salon won’t get far.  But it’s also important you focus on the massage tables and chairs you expect people to sit in when they receive these treatments. Fortunately, you can go to the Comfort Soul website and find a wide variety of these to meet all your needs.

Tables, for example, should be wide enough that most people can comfortably fit their entire body on them and short enough that they can get on them with ease. However, your masseuses also need to be able to negotiate them easily as well so they can apply their craft.

If you have a masseuse who is especially small, they may need to use a stool or other item to step on in order to reach all areas of their client. But if you can supply this, so much the better.

While a lot goes into running a successful spa or salon, keep in mind it’s not all about the service. The furniture plays an important part too. ______________________________________________________________________

If you’re in the business of relaxing or pampering others, you need to visit Comfort Soul’s website. Whether you just need a spa massage table or your entire collection of salon spa furniture revamped, they have what you’re looking for. As many massage tables as you need can be yours in no time!

Tips on How to Get a Flawless Airbrush Tan

Learn tricks on how to get that sun-kissed glow without harming your body.

Airbrush tanning is a healthy alternative to tanning beds and sunbathing. It provides a sun-kissed glow without exposing the body to harmful UV rays. But even an airbrush tan can go wrong. When applied incorrectly, an airbrush tan can cause streaks, stripes, triangles under the arms, or droplets. Another problem that can arise when getting an airbrush tan has to do with color. If you go to the wrong technician, you might end up with a color that doesn’t look natural or match your skin tone.

So how do you make sure to get a flawless airbrush tan? Here are a few tips on how to achieve a beautiful sunless tan with airbrush tanning.

Go to an experienced airbrush artist. Airbrush tanning can be applied via a spray tanning booth or by an airbrush technician. If you’re pressed for time, a tanning both is a great option because it takes a few minutes to apply. A tanning booth is also a good option for men or women who rather not get naked for an airbrush tanning artists. The only caveat with the tanning booth is that it might not provide an even looking tan.

However, the best way to get an airbrush tan is to go to a technician or makeup artist. Along with makeup classes, most makeup artists also take courses in airbrush tanning. Make sure to go to an experienced artist. A professional airbrush artist can customize the tan to your preferences, fix trouble areas, and can even provide contouring.

Prep your body. A great airbrush tan starts with proper preparation. In order to prepare your body for an airbrush tan, clean and exfoliate your skin the morning of the treatment. Next, shave any unwanted hair. Do not wax, since residue of the wax can block the product from absorbing the skin. The day of the air tan, do not apply lotions, oils, or deodorant. Also, remove all jewelry.

Get a sample tan. Before you apply airbrush tanning to your entire body, consider doing a test tan on a small part of your body. Getting a test tan will ensure that you are not allergic to the lotions and products. A test run can also help to select the right color for your skin type. While makeup artist schools offer hands-on classes for artists who want to learn the art of airbrushing, it’s still a good idea to get a sample tan. Once you’ve applied a test run, you can feel more confident about applying the airbrush on your entire body.

Make Your Hair Stand Out with Crystal

Every woman is always on the lookout for a way to make her hair stand out from all the rest. Often as soon as a celebrity debuts a look, other women are quick to call their stylist so they can make an appointment and adapt it as soon as possible. But there are more ways than one to keep your hair a cut above the rest. A well placed crystal hair accessory may be just the thing you need to garner the right kind of attention toward the top of your head.

The best thing about crystal hair clips is that they’re affordable without necessarily looking that way. As such, you can always count on them to add a special amount of class to any night out or otherwise big day. But because they tend to be fairly affordable, you can also use them to contrast a casual look in a truly remarkable way.

Next time you’re going out for the day, try wearing a jean skirt, some sandals and your favorite tight t-shirt. Then do up your hair and add some crystal accessories to it. You’ll be surprised how much positive attention that kind of look is worth despite the juxtaposition involved.

We sell just about every fashion accessory you could ever wish for including crystal brooches, earrings bracelets, crystal hair pins and much more. If it’s currently a trendy item, you’ll be able to find it at that store.

Purchasing Your Own Massage Bed or Table

Written by Comfort Soul

If you want to start enjoying a higher quality of life, get massaged more often. It’s a surefire way to chase off just about form of the blues you have. But most people don’t realize it can have very real and very positive effects on your physical wellbeing too—not just in the short term. In fact, getting massaged regularly can be such a stress-reducer that your face will actually show the results.

One way you might consider making massages a bigger part of your everyday life is by purchasing your own massage bed or table. For the most part, massage beds and massage tables are exactly the same thing. However, amongst this market, there are countless options.

First, before purchasing one, you’ll want to be sure you have a spouse or friend who’s around regularly who will actually give you one. Otherwise, it’s a waste of money.

Second, you’ll want to make sure the table/bed’s height is appropriate for whoever will be giving the massages regularly. Too tall or too short can actually be bad for the practitioner’s back. If at all possible, get one that adjusts.

Lastly, consider your budget. If you’re just purchasing your first one, you’ll find that there’s no limit to what you can spend. So be sure to budget yourself this first time around.

Comfort Soul is a Los Angeles based company that specializes in selling the highest quality spa equipment like salon and spa equipment including procedure chair and massage chair options.

Tricks to Shaping Beautiful Eyebrows

Creating beautiful eyebrows at home can be a frustrating and nearly impossible task. But since the right eyebrow shape can enhance the beauty of the face, it’s worth taking some time to learn how to create flawless, face-improving arches. Don’t’ have time to attend a school for makeup artistry? Try these three professional beauty tips to shape beautiful eyebrows at home.

Know your shapes. What shape is your face? Faces can be square, oval, rectangular, oblong, round, heart, inverted triangular, and triangular. The shape of your eyebrow should correspond with the shape of your face. For example, a person with a round face can minimize the curviness of the shape by designing a higher arch in the brow. An oval face looks best with a soft angled brow, while a heart-shaped face will look best with a rounded brow.

Understand facial geometry. Using the right proportions, you can determine exactly where to draw the inner brow line, the top of the arch, the outer edge of the eyebrow, the outer brow line, the height above the eyebrow, and finally, the width of the brow. As a rule of thumb, start the brow above the tear duct, peak the arch parallel to the outside of your iris, and end the brow 45 degrees from the outer corner of the eyes.

Enhance thin brows with makeup. There’s nothing wrong with using makeup to enhance thin brows.  Fill in bald areas with a shade that matches your hair color.