Our hair goes a long way in influencing how we look. A great hairstyle makes us feel good and comfortable about ourselves.

That’s why it’s important we get along with our stylists at Beauty Salons in Glendale, CA
. Following these simple rules goes a long way in achieving excellent results.

Keep That Phone Away

We all have heard this, but it doesn’t seem to register with some of us. It’s totally rude to be having a conversation on your phone while receiving services from your hair stylist.

Yes, important or emergency calls may come while you’re receiving the service. Ask the stylist to excuse you, step aside and take the call.

Know Your Needs

Before you visit a salon, understand what you need. You can have photos and images on your phone indicating your best styles.

But be realistic. If you are making a drastic change, send a prior text to your stylist. Send them an image of your inspirations.

That’s the only way to be certain that the stylist has reserved enough time to meet your needs. It also helps determine whether the stylists have what you need in terms of material and color.

If they’re out of stock, you’ll have ample time to make the purchases.

Be Honest

At times the outcome may not be as appealing as you want. If this happens, be honest with your stylist. It’s better to come back and change the style rather than not show up at all.

Your hair at Danie’s Beauty Salon is an expert, and will be glad to make the adjustments.