The expenses behind all of the things you need to run a wedding can add up quickly. Aside from the actual event planning, there is the engagement and wedding rings on top of insurance and catering fees as well. These practical tips are designed with the budget conscious couple in mind, helping you to have the beautiful day you want without breaking the bank.

The Wedding Industry

The industry that we know as the wedding industry got its start in the roaring 1920s. Weddings were usually held out of the home, or consisted of a simple church affair prior to then. Soon, more money was spent to formalize the event and make it memorable.

There can be a lot to handle throughout the special day, so the industry tries to sell the idea of helping out soon-to-be brides. That help comes at a high cost, as does anything else with the word “wedding” attached to it.

High Costs

A wedding that cost $4,000 in 1970 or 1980 could cost 10 or 20 times that amount today. Renting a church was once considered a negligible expense, and often came with a choir or an organist. Today, renting a church can be a real cost associated with the wedding, taking up as much as 5% of one’s budget. The cost of a wedding ring has also risen over the years, but a cubic zirconia bridal ring can be a reasonably priced alternative.

The solution is to avoid the word “wedding” like a stigma. You do not need food for a wedding, you need it for a family gathering. You don’t need to rent the venue for a wedding, you’re hosting a large get together. Simply changing how you talk to a vendor will remove the implied sense of urgency you’re supposed to feel when booking the venue.

Where to Spend

Of course, there are still areas where you should spend money to get the wedding you want. For instance, buying a cubic zirconia eternity ring will help you save money for a better band at your wedding. Shop around for catering companies, and be careful about choosing who bakes your cake and what you’re charged for. You should not pay any “per slice” fees associated with baking a cake.

As for liquor, a simple beer and wine bar will often suffice.

Final Thoughts

Saving money on a wedding is tough to do because there is immense pressure to make the event memorable, like you are somehow sullying the moment if you skimp on the price tag. Don’t give in to these pressures. Remember your future goals while you plan the wedding you want.
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