Every woman is always on the lookout for a way to make her hair stand out from all the rest. Often as soon as a celebrity debuts a look, other women are quick to call their stylist so they can make an appointment and adapt it as soon as possible. But there are more ways than one to keep your hair a cut above the rest. A well placed crystal hair accessory may be just the thing you need to garner the right kind of attention toward the top of your head.

The best thing about crystal hair clips is that they’re affordable without necessarily looking that way. As such, you can always count on them to add a special amount of class to any night out or otherwise big day. But because they tend to be fairly affordable, you can also use them to contrast a casual look in a truly remarkable way.

Next time you’re going out for the day, try wearing a jean skirt, some sandals and your favorite tight t-shirt. Then do up your hair and add some crystal accessories to it. You’ll be surprised how much positive attention that kind of look is worth despite the juxtaposition involved.

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