In the past there is no sign of fashion and style but as the fashion media has expand a lot, which changed the mind of the people. Now every individual is thinking about fashion and how he/she can make them beautiful. The major competition is found in women as the want style and fashion in every thing. In this article we will discuss about the nails and styles, if you are searching for the nails styles that how to make them sexy and long then you have visited the best path. First of all every individual have different kind of nails, some of them are good in growth but few of them are worst in growth.

Now some of the tips to keep your nails long, beautiful and sexy, first of the every entire person have to take the healthy diet. However diet is the foremost advice which was given to the people for their fashion. There is a list of food items which are good for the nails growth. Few of them are trim meat, fresh cheese milk, yogurt, eggs and dry fruits. All these ingredients provides you the high amount of the proteins which not only good for the nails growth as they also helps you in growth of hairs.

The second and most important thing which helps you to keep your nails sexy, most of the people have the habit of chewing their own nails which is worst for the growth of nails. The habit of chewing of nails also irregular the shape of the nail. Most of the people have the yellowish shade in their nails which the due to the deficiency of the milk in body as your nails are not getting the proteins properly. The rapid use of the nails paint is also cause the yellowish of the nails so you have to remove the nail paints after some time.

The dirt is the main cause of disease and problem to everything so you have to keep the nails of the foot and hand clean. The dirty nails become soft and rough as they can be broken easily. The newly invented thing as most of the people do not know about it is that a polish is available in market which should be used on nails before applying the stylish nail paints.

If the regular diet is not enough for your nails growth then you can also use the protein supplement. The proteins supplement is easily available from the market and you can also get them through online stores. The household women need to wear the gloves while doing their household task. Most of the elements are not good for the nails and women have to deal with them in regular life.