Article Written by : My Cherry Pop

A lot of men wear beards today, and a lot wear fuller and thicker beards. Some, you’ll notice, look better than others. Apart from the shape of your face, there’s a lot you can do to get your beard closer to what you’re looking for. Here are some tips any man can use.

Wash and Trim Regularly

A lot of men think that growing a full beard means you just wait and stop shaving. That’s a part of it, the waiting part, but you should trim the beard regularly so it comes in at the shape you’re looking for. You should also wash your beard the same way you would wash your hair. This keeps your hair soft to the touch, and well conditioned.

Patience Pays Off

Remember when we said you should trim your beard regularly? That’s after the first month of growing it out. You’ve got to have a good base to start with or you won’t get the shape you want. That patience can be difficult, because your face can look unusual while you grow in your facial hair. Some men will get peach fuzz before a full beard. It takes time, so stay focused and wait as long as you can to shave it when you’re first growing out a beard.

Mustache is Important Too

When you’re growing out a beard, you might find yourself focusing heavily on the “beard” part and less on the mustache. This is a mistake. Trim beneath your nose, and keep the mustache sculpted with wax for a more fashionable look.

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