New pastries for the fall at Angelina tea house

Article submitted by Cécile Zarokian

Angelina tea house introduced its new collection for the fall/winter. These new pastries are so delicious that you can’t resist it. Angelina’s new creations will make your heart melt. In the Angelina’s range of new pastries, each pastry is more delicious than the others.

The Mont-Blanc is signature pastry. This new version combines chestnut cream and speculoos. It is coated with chestnut paste vermicelli and holds a French meringue, whipped cream and a speculoos cream.

The Succès Noisette is a crispy hazelnut dacquoise with salt flower is topped with hazelnut cream. There is a crispy praline inside it and dry fruits all around.

The Délice framboise-pistache is a dessert with a combination of a raspberry mousse and a crispy pistachio biscuit and a pistachio cream.

The Merveille nougat-fruits des bois is a light mousse with nougat touches, enhanced by a fruity heart made of blackberries and blackcurrant.

The Trocadéro is a creation mixing a milk chocolate ganache, whipped cream and a hazelnut cookie. The whole is topped with a delicate gold leaf.

The Tarte noix-caramel has crispy and caramelized walnuts finely put on top of the sugar dough and covered in walnut caramel.

The Jardin poire-praliné is made of a praline cookie, an almond mousse, a pear heart and a fresh pear jelly.

All these pastries are a great addition to the menu of the Angelina Tea House. You can enjoy these delectable desserts during your visit to Paris.


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