Makeup Habits that Contact Wearers Should Avoid

If you are an avid makeup user, you might have picked up certain habits. Makeup can make features more prominent and can hide blemishes but if you aren’t careful with what you purchase and how you apply your makeup, you can end up causing an infection in your eye. Here are some makeup practices you should follow to avoid damaging your eye or contracting an infection, especially when you wear a contact lens.

You Get What You Pay For

When you purchase makeup, you’ll likely sort through a number of different brands and products. Whether you’re on a budget, or just like the style, you may opt for a cheaper brand to save a few bucks. However, the problem with some of these cheaper makeup brands is that they use less-than-stellar ingredients within the formula. These inexpensive products might anti-caking ingredients or preservatives that can have an adverse effect if they come into contact with the eye.

Be sure to research the different ingredients and brands in order to decide if the makeup product is safe to use and if it’s worth it. Protecting your vision involves due diligence and enough research.

Avoid the Rush

Have you been in a scenario where you are forced to put on your makeup quickly because you’re either late for work or you just don’t have time? Trying to put on eyeliner or mascara at a red light or at a stop sign isn’t just risky, it’s extremely dangerous. Without stating the obvious, not onl

y can you get that pesky makeup in your eyes, but you also face the risk of injuring others by not paying attention to the road.

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