Common Mistakes Contact Lens Users Make

Summary: Many contact lens users make simple mistakes that can lead to severe infections and irritation.

Contact lenses have now become so comfortable that it’s difficult to remember that they’re even on. In certain cases, people will leave their contact lenses on throughout the day, and night, which puts them at risk for an eye infection or discomfort that can lead to consistent rubbing and scratching.

This article is designed to discuss the most common mistakes that contact lens users often make that could potentially lead to an infection. These mistakes can lead to lingering problems that can affect the overall effectiveness of the lens and may cause permanent damage to the eyes.

Touching Your Contacts Without Washing Your Hands

Whenever you touch food or perform in any activity that could get your hands dirty, it’s extremely important that you wash them before touching your eyes. Your hands are often utilized throughout the day that it shouldn’t be surprising that dirt and bacteria can accumulate rather quickly. And, when exposed to the eyes, it can build up and cause a severe infection.

Forgetting to Remove Them at Night

As stated before, contact lenses are so comfortable that they will fit into the eye. Many users forget that they are wearing them and when night comes around, they leave them on. This can be harmful in a number of ways. For one, your contact lenses are not designed to be justify on overnight. Since these contact lenses are directly touching the inside of your eye, they can dry out quickly and cause irritation.

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